Film Friday: What to stream this weekend!

This week WhatsOn is back with the top 5 movies and reviews. Give it a read and to spend your weekend more delightful don’t forget to stream those.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Another excellent entry in the delightfully haunting Conjuring franchise. The couple’s chemistry helps carry every movie they’re into the top. The scares are aplenty, and they wouldn’t be half as effective as they are if it weren’t for the phenomenal performances by the actors. The horror element is well handled. Nonetheless, this is another top-quality Conjuring movie and probably one of the few franchises out there that works due to the amazing stories within the case files of Warrens and perfect casting of Warrens.



Director Enrico Casarosa and his entire team do a wonderful job of bringing small-town Italy to life, interspersed with a coming-of-age fantasy saga. The movie begins with Luca Paguro, a little boy who harbors dreams of exploring the world above his ocean home. That’s because he and his parents are sea monsters to the humans who live over the surface, and both realms believe they are terribly dangerous to each other. Naturally, curiosity gets the better of him, and with the help of a new best friend, Alberto Scorfano, Luca discovers to his astonishment that once he steps onto dry land, all his ‘monster’ camouflage disappears to leave him looking assuredly human. From there on, the main story begins with supporting characters.


Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Sour is a sweet little Korean rom-com movie. The one that’s packed with good acting, interesting ideas, and one almighty twist. The movie explores the idea of long-distance relationships and the trials and tribulations that brings. While the ending doesn’t quite land as smoothly as one would hope, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable watch.



The movie is a biographical comedy-drama on Lal Bihari,  a poor farmer from a small village in Uttar Pradesh who was declared dead on official paper (or Kaagaz as the title goes) but he fought the corrupt system for 18 long years to get his name and self-respect restored in the government records. It’s an excellent satire on the Indian legal system. A system originally designed by nation’s foreign masters for their own benefit has unfortunately continued 70 years after ‘independence’ too.


Janowar (Beast) ‘Janowar’ is ‘Beast’ in English. It’s a Bangladeshi tragic truth, crime-drama web film. It’s inspired by the true incident of the robbery, gang rape, and murder case of 23 April 2020. It’s directed by Raihan Rafi. ‘Janowar’ vividly displays the horrors that are taking place around us, horrors which are too heinous to even imagine. The storyline would continuously bring out the raw emotions of the viewers at several levels



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