Film Friday: Top 5 movies to watch about climate change

Film Friday
Film Friday: Top 5 movies to watch about climate change

Climate change is happening now! Now it’s the most serious threat to life on our planet. To tackle this situation everyone from every side to need come forward. Top 5 movies about climate change are discussing below. In this weekend, you can watch these movies with your dearest one.

The Lived Experience of Climate Change

A Bangladeshi documentary film titled “The Lived Experience of Climate Change” was screened at Rich Mix London. The documentary is directed by Ehsan Kabir, founder of Green Ink video productions. It is based on the research of Joanne Jordan from the University of Manchester, according to the organization. Jordan’s research was based on urban climate change resilience in Bangladesh. She has spent months in the slums of Dhaka in order to understand how climate change. It is linked to people’s everyday lives in the slums and how they are trying to find solutions to the various problems they face. Jordan teamed up with the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Dhaka and Dhaka-based Green Ink. Video productions to communicate her findings to a broad range of audiences and create awareness for the climate change-related issues of the slum-dwellers. Additionally, it hasto face in their already precarious livelihoods.


Snowpiercer is a 2013 South Korean-American science fiction action film based on the French graphic climate fiction novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette. Bong Joon Ho, the revered Korean filmmaker whose film Parasite swept the Oscars, has made no secret of his environmental ideology. 2017’s Okja was an eccentric but powerful take on genetic engineering and animal welfare, and his previous film, Snowpiercer was set in a world that had been encased in ice following humanity’s failed attempt to stop global warming. There’s more going on here than just that – it’s predominantly a thriller with a focus on class warfare but Snowpiercer’s environmental message underscores the entire film.


One of the highest-profile Hollywood films to tackle the climate crisis overtly, Alexander Payne’s Downsizing. It saw Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig shrunk down to micro-size as part of a new technology fad. There’s a lot of plot here rather than too much. Downsizing’s gentle suburban satire quickly careens into an exploration of wealth inequality and the environmental apocalypse. It’s neither subtle nor particularly funny, but Downsizing deserves points for the sheer uniqueness of its take on the subject.

Weathering with You

Japanese animator Makoto Shinkai made a name for himself directing visually stunning films that often spotlighted the natural elements such as The Garden of Words; Your Name. 2019’s ‘Weathering with You’ kept the climate at the very heart of its story, with a bizarre supernatural plotline in which a high school boy befriends a girl who can control the weather. It’s a film that is very specifically about climate change, one which is best experienced on a purely visual level. As far as a message goes, its approach to climate disaster ultimately amounts to shrugging acceptance.

The Day after Tomorrow

Of all the environmental disaster blockbusters to have been released over the past two decades, The Day After Tomorrow still looms as large as any. Released during the George W Bush presidency, it was a pointedly political work underneath its popcorn movie trappings, a cry of frustration at the US government’s environmental inaction. Scientifically, it’s all over the place, but the core idea in its premise that human sustainability is pushing the world to the precipice of disaster remains chillingly true.