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Faustus: That Damned Woman

When > 26 Feb – 7 March
Where > Birmingham Repertory Theatre, United Kingdom
What > A dramatic retelling of the darkly compelling tale of Doctor Faustus, inspired by the works of Marlowe, Goethe and other versions of the Faust Myth from the award-winning playwright Chris Bush.
I was born almost four hundred years ago.
I gave my soul to achieve the impossible.
I watched this city grow sick and I swore to heal it.
I might be damned, but I would save the world to spite the Devil.
In this radical retelling, Johanna Faustus makes the ultimate sacrifice and sells her soul in order to time travel across the centuries and change the entire course of history. But can she now escape eternal damnation?
Caroline Byrne directs this gripping Faustian drama which explores what we must sacrifice to achieve greatness, and the legacy we leave behind.
This devilishly provocative story is told from a female perspective and promises to thrill purists whilst captivating new audiences.
Entry > From £15
More Info > birmingham-rep.co.uk

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