WhatsOn Award Party 2020!


To honor and encourage talented & upcoming artists along with celebrities of Bangladesh WhatsOn is organizing their annual award party 2020 on Friday evening. Most of the preparation/work on WhatsOn Award Party has been completed. To celebrate this party Sam Alim, Managing Director of WhatsOn from London and WhatsOn Director Setsu Adachi from Japan have already arrived. As special guests here will present Actress Shampa Reza, Singer Samina Chowdhury along with Singer Xefer Rahman, Band Bangla Five, and More. Including Best Icon, Best Artist, Best Band, Best Singer, Best Writer, Best Airlines, Best Add-Agency, Best Beauty Saloon, Best Fashion House, Best Hotel, Best Restaurant, Best Travel agency awards will be given in 18 categories on the program day.
Managing Director of WhatsOn Sam Alim Said, “This WhatsOn Party is a platform for new generation artists. We are giving international coverage & global promotion also.”
Director Setsu Adachi from Japan said, “we are facilitating collaboration between artists and people from different culture”
WhatsOn is cordially thanking them who are working tirelessly for the success of this party and expecting the participation of all.
>Juthy Saha