Disney+ Takes Shot at ‘Hamilton’: 5 Things You’d Like to Know

Disney+ Takes Shot at ‘Hamilton’
Disney+ Takes Shot at ‘Hamilton’: 5 Things You’d Like to Know

Much to the excitement of fans, the award winning musical movie ‘Hamilton’ is going to take a slot on Disney+ channel in July this year! Puza Sarker Snigdha reports.

While the other movies have had their releases postponed, ‘Hamilton’ will be making its way to our home screens earlier than planned thanks to Disney+, although it won’t be officially released in theatres until October 2021.

Here are five things to know about the release:

  1. Disney paid an incredible $75 million for worldwide rights to release Hamilton, which is the highest-profile example yet!
  2. Disney+ has already more than 50 million subscribers but the release of “Hamilton” will likely boost those numbers.
  3. Featuring the original Broadway cast, Thomas Kail, the show’s director, shot three live performances of “Hamilton”.
  4. Broadway has been closed for this coronavirus outbreak but the ‘Hamilton’ show sold out months in advance and tickets went for excessive prices that were much higher than the cost of Disney Plus’s $6.99 monthly fee.
  5. “No other artistic work in the last decade has had the cultural impact of ‘Hamilton’—an inspiring and captivating tale told and performed in a powerfully creative way. In light of the extraordinary challenges facing our world, this story about leadership, tenacity, hope, love and the power of people to unite against the forces of adversity is both relevant and impact,” said Robert A. Iger, executive chairman of The Walt Disney Company, in a statement

Take a look at a clip from the official Broadway show below: