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Destiny’s ‘Vault of Glass’ is back!


Hey, gamers are you still playing with your old ‘guardians’ version? Then there is good news for you. Vault of Glass is back and it better than the original one with greater voyages.

  • Vault of Glass will be available for all players, and those looking to play it right away, can take part in a Contest Mode and compete to be the world’s first in clearing the raid.
  • Destiny 2 is surprising in that developer Bungie spoke openly and candidly about deleting stuff and moving it to the curiously titled “Destiny Content Vault”
  • The cull, either; raids, dungeons, armor, guns, strikes, activities, quests, and full fucking planets were in danger. Gamers’ have already the idea about it that in the previous game how they act.
  • Bungie explained that it was to help manage the game’s file size and “make room for new experiences” for players.
  • Strangely, players can’t play Destiny 2‘s opening Red War campaign mission anymore but they can play a six-year-old raid.
  • Bungie has triumphantly unveiled a “new” Destiny location or feature that the gamer has already played before. Shadowkeep took them back to the Moon, a location hitherto available in the original game.
  • Bungie is sunsetting some of the hard-won weapons to “make room for new experiences” and also given so many different experiences thus far seem to be recycled.

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