Deportation of asylum seekers blocked by the High Court

Deportation of asylum seekers blocked by the High Court
Deportation of asylum seekers blocked by the High Court

The sectary of State, Priti Patel has bid to deport over 1000 Channel crossing refugees by the end of the year.

On Thursday morning, the Home office has planned to deport a group of 20 asylum seekers on a chartered plane who recently crossed the English Channel in escape boats. 5 of the 20 refugee seekers from Yemen and Syria have strong asylum claims as they escape brutal tortures from their native countries.  

The High court halted this plane over the concerns for these deportees to be at risk of destitution in Spain where they were at risk of indefinite homelessness.

11 Syrian refugees have been deported to Spain two weeks ago from Britain. They have been living on the streets of Madrid ever since in terrible conditions. They were denied food and water by the Spanish authorities who have also denied their claim for asylum.

The Deportation regulation Dublin III stated that asylum seekers need to return to other EU countries if they have passed through them on their route of escape.

Reports from Amnesty International have stated that many of these EU countries receiving these deportees have an overwhelming reception system.

Spain authorities have reported over 50,000 pending asylum applications whereas the country has only 25, 000 facility spaces available for them.

The MP of Labour Party, Ribeiro Addy expressed his opinions on how the court ruling against the deportation flight has been a victory.

These people have already suffered enough, escaped torture, and made the life-risking journey across the English Channel. The Government needs to show more compassion towards them, secure legal sea routes, and help them settle in the long term.