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Culprits Damaged Italy’s Iconic Scala Dei Turchi Cliffs!

Italy’s most visited tourist site Scala Dei Turchi Cliffs defaced by some vandals on Friday.

An investigation is going on about the matter as the culprits used red powder dust to destroy its natural beauty.

The white marl cliffs in Sicily are widely famous for featuring in the Inspector Montalbano books by the late author, Andrea Camilleri.

Primary investigation shows that the criminals used red iron oxide powder to destroy its natural beauty.


At the same time, investigators told reporters that this powder is easy to eliminate and some of the powders already washed by sea waves.

“The splendid white marl cliff of the Scala Dei Turchi, an attraction of the Agrigento area for visitors from all over the world, has been shamefully defaced,” said Nello Musumeci, Sicily’s president.


“We condemn the perpetrators of this cowardly gesture. It constitutes an outrage not only to an asset of rare beauty but also to the image of our island. I hope the judiciary quickly identifies those responsible,” he added.

Police already started searching the recent traders of red powder dust and also the recent buyers.

The cleaning process of the cliffs was started by the volunteers in Realmonte.

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