Covid19: Only 14% of promised vaccine doses reach poorest nations


Recent research revealed that only one in seven Covid vaccine doses promised to the world’s poorest countries have been delivered.

  • According to the analysis by the People’s Vaccinealliance, a coalition of groups that includes Oxfam, ActionAid, and Amnesty International that 1.8bn doses pledged by wealthy nations, just 261m (14%) have arrived in low-income countries. 
  • This result is here nearly a year after vaccines first became available, only 1.3% of people living in the poorest parts of the world are fully vaccinated.
  • Meanwhile, New Zealand’s daily Covid-19 case numbers have gone into three figures for the first time since the pandemic began. Thursday’s cases broke Tuesday’s record of 94, bringing the total in the Delta outbreak to 2,260 cases.
  • In Greece, hundreds of state hospital workers have marched through central Athens today as part of a 24-hour strike to protest staff shortages and compulsory coronavirus vaccinations.
  • Russia has again reported record highs for deaths and Covid cases in a 24-hour period. According to the government’s coronavirus information center, Russia recorded 1,036 fatalities and 36,339 cases over the past 24 hours.

In Paris this week there is a sign of a return to normality of sorts with the return of the International Contemporary Art Fair. One exhibit depicts French president Emmanuel Macron with the shape of a face mask carved into his face. Visitors have to be masked and be able to prove they have been vaccinated.