COVID-19: WhatsOn Global Updates

COVID-19: Global Updates
COVID-19: Global Updates

The world reaches its highest death toll of the pandemic with a staggering 7537 deaths in the last twenty-four hours. Global cases have surpassed 65 million. Anika Khan reports.

We bring to you the latest coverage of the coronavirus pandemic from across the globe:

  • German: German has extended their partial shutdown for the month of December in an effort to reduce the infection rates ahead of the Christmas holidays.
  • The US: The US has once again recorded its highest daily number of Covid related deaths. The death toll stands at 288,906. It is taking a huge toll on the country’s NHS. California becomes the first place in the US to enact a state-wide lockdown.
  • The UK: According to Public Health England (PHE) reports, COVID rates are decreasing across all ages in England. This is the result of the second national lockdown.
  • Iran: The total number of coronavirus cases is over 1 million making Iran the worst-affected Middle-East country with a death toll of about 50,310.
  • South Korea: President Moon Jae has deployed the military to expanding testing for COVID-19 as the country continues to reports triple-digit daily new cases.
  • Cuba: In Sicily, hospitals are struggling with a shortage of medical personnel. The Sicily authorities have asked the Cuban government to send health operators, including doctors and nurses to tackle the emergency situation.
  • Australia: Melbourne has welcomed its first international passenger flight in five months. Arrivals will be tested and kept in Victoria’s hotel’s revamped quarantine system.
  • Canada: Infections are rising particularly among the elderly and indigenous communities.
  • India: India has now over 9.6 million COVID-19 cases.
  • Bangladesh: Bangladesh records 31 deaths and over 1666 new cases in the last 24 hours.

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