COP 26 – What Happens When?

COP 26
COP 26

World leaders, business chiefs, politicians, and campaigners are all set to deliver their valuable thoughts on climate at the UN COP 26 climate summit.

This year’s climate summit will be in Glasgow, the city of Scotland.

Here we will highlight the first week’s long schedule of the COP 26 summit shortly to you.

Sunday, Oct 31
The formal ceremony of the summit will kick on Sunday. This year’s conference will focus on the actions of climate change, have been taken by the countries. Also, the main focus will be on the Paris Agreement.

Monday, Nov 01
World leaders will join on Monday in the World Leader Summit. Around 120 heads of the country will join the two-day-long summit. Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, will host the ceremony for few times.  US President Joe Biden, German chancellor Angela Merkel, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and Scott Morrison from Australia will appear on Monday afternoon.

Tuesday, Nov 02
Japan’s Prime minister Fumio Kishida and Irish Taoiseach Micheal Martin will start Tuesday’s conference. Later on, there will be an event also with the world leaders.

Wednesday, Nov 03
British Chancellor Rishi Sunak will kick off the “finance day” of the conference with an event marking progress on delivering a target $100 billion (€860m) climate finance commitment.

Thursday, Nov 04
It’s the energy day where more talks will be on migration from coal energy to green energy.

Friday, Nov 05
It is the youth day where young people will be out in the streets for School Strike for Climate.

Saturday, Nov 06
Campaigners will Join the youths on the street again and march on the streets of Glasgow, London, and other cities in England.