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Converse Announce New Pokémon-themed Shoes for 25th anniversary

Hiroshi Fujiwara, a Japanese artist, has given the biggest and most popular electronic mouse a “wholesale dimension.” Only 25 replicas of this statue, which costs £19,500/25,000 and weigh 8.3 kg, are available.

But the gamers if you just want to spend a little amount of money on Pokemon, The collectible 25th-anniversary collection also includes a few additional things. For £340, you can get a 5.7-inch Pikachu with a more classic appearance, or a £310 Poké Ball. these things may be utilized as a paperweight or stored alone on a shelf.

Universal Studios Japan recently announced a “collaborative agreement” with The Pokémon Company, which would result in a “uniquely Pokémon experience” at the theme park in 2022.

Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star “First Partners” are currently available for purchase. The classic black canvas upper is the star of the combination. Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Meowth, and Jigglypuff are among the other characters. A bespoke license plate and a lightning bolt motif are also included in the asymmetrical pair.

In addition to the standard color, the business has released the “Poké Ball,” which features a white upper with monochrome images of the Pokémon Go cast. A selection of heavy metal tour merch-inspired tees, a commemorative hoodie, and a sherpa-lined crewneck are among the other limited edition items.

This most awited collaboration will launch on December 10 in stores and online.

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