Climate Emergency: Following 10 ways you can save mother earth!

Climate Emergency: Following 10 ways you can save mother earth!

People love to live a luxury life and we know you love to watch videos on your phone. Modern activities like plugging in devices, driving cars, and cooling homes, often rely on energy sources such as natural gas, oil, and coal. Those energy sources release a gas called carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere that causes much on climate.

Though it’s little but following these 10 ways you can save the mother earth from ruining!

Reduce and Reuse

Nowadays we people use less but waste much. Try to reduce and reuse as much as possible. Factories emit carbon dioxide when making new products. instead of buying new stuff, fix your appliances and clothes.

Eliminate plastic

Plastic is literally everywhere. It is used in almost all packaging; grocery store bags, bottles for water, milk jugs, coffee cans, condiment containers, peanut butter containers, yogurt, even cans are coated with plastic. At first, we need to eliminate plastic from our regular usage. Even, we WhatsOn don’t use the plastic cover on our magazine’s front cover.

Switch to 100% green power

Throughout the world, the use of energy represents by far the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity. Around two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to burning fossil fuels for energy to be used for heating, electricity, transport, and industry.  Switching to renewables has multiple positive impacts: by converting to green electricity, you support the phase-out of coal, do your bit to accelerate the move to renewable sources, and directly reduce CO2 emissions.

Save energy

It might sound like the most original-sounding tip around, but it’s as relevant as ever. Saving energy not only saves you money – it also helps to cut emissions too.

Use solar panel

Solar energy presents a great opportunity for harnessing substantial amounts of energy: it is a type of energy that is abundant and widespread. It is so abundant that the amount of energy reaching the Earth’s surface every hour is more than all the energy currently consumed throughout the year. If we invested in highly efficient solar panels, the amount of energy generated could be a lot more than what we get today.

Make sustainable investments

You take your money to a bank and they look after it until you need it? Wrong! Your bank works with the money – and perhaps even supports the arms trade and environmental destruction. But there are also sustainable alternatives, banks who are transparent about what happens with your money and where you can even decide where your money should work – for example in renewable energies or reforestation projects.

Use bio-gas plants

A biogas plant is a facility that provides oxygen-free conditions where anaerobic digestion can occur. Simply put, it’s an artificial system where you can turn waste into sustainable energy and fertilizers, with positive effects on the environment. Biogas plants follow an automatic, straightforward process created to replicate the natural process of anaerobic digestion in an artificial environment, making biogas production simple and carbon neutral.

Plant more trees

Stop people surrounding you from cutting trees down. Try to plant a tree every day. Not only plantation, take care of those plants regularly.

Be a veggies

Livestock such as cows accounts for some of Earth’s heat-trapping gas emissions. (Eating more plants cuts down on the need for so much livestock. If you love meat much then at least try to eat them less as monthly one or a day in the week.

Walk or bike

Walk or bike as much as you can. Biking or walking just one mile a day for a year could save 330 pounds of carbon dioxide. It is the same as planting four trees and letting them grow for 10 years!