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Climate change overtakes Covid19

Climate change has ‘overtaken pandemics as a biggest global concern’. The failure to act on climate change has overtaken contagious diseases as the biggest concern for global experts. While the world is dying for climate exigency, Britain focuses on cybersecurity, a survey found recently.

  • The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) research on global risks found that three environmental dangers action failure, extreme weather, and biodiversity loss were what worried experts most.
  • A new study finds ocean temperatures rose to a new record high last year as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels soared to a new high. This comes as Danish researchers reported Greenland’s ice sheet lost more mass in 2021 than it gained for the 25th year in a row.
  • Meanwhile, the insurance reinvestment firm Munich Re reports 2021 was the second most costly year on record, with insured losses from natural disasters totaling around $120 billion. Zurich Insurance Group chief risk officer Peter Giger said,

 “Failure to act on climate change could shrink global GDP by one-sixth and the commitments taken at Cop26 are still not enough to achieve the 1.5°C goal. It is not too late for governments and businesses to act on the risks they face and to drive an innovative, determined and inclusive transition that protects economies and people.”

  • While the world is dying for climate emergency but British experts were much more worried about the failure of cybersecurity. Even it is showing the climate change not making it into the top five biggest concerns of Britain’s respondents.
  • The WEF said that the pandemic had widened the gulf between rich and poor countries and the technological divide.
  • It warned that “vaccine inequality” is leading to uneven economic recoveries worldwide and risks stoking social and geopolitical tensions.

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