climate activists occupy Science Museum to protest oil and gas sponsorships

Youth climate activists hold a vigil outside the Science Museum

Youth climate activists occupied the Science Museum overnight to protest against its sponsorship deals with oil and gas companies BP, Equinor, and Shell.

  • 30 young campaigners, scientists, and campaigners have left their protest outside the museum in the morning It was after occupying the building for 12 hours.
  • The occupation was organized by UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) London. That saw museum security confiscate the activists’ sleeping bags, foil blankets, and leaflets as they entered the building.
  • The group refused to leave after the museum closed on Tuesday and demanded to remain overnight. A simultaneous vigil took place outside the museum to remember the victims of the climate crisis.
  • UKSCN member Izzy, 77, who participated in the occupation, said that the museum has consistently refused to engage with other tactics, including petitions, letters, boycotts, and protests. A spokesperson for the museum said,

“While dealing professionally and calmly with a small group of protesters, our team’s focus remains on the tens of thousands of people heading for an inspiring half-term day out at the Science Museum, where visitors can explore two exhibitions addressing aspects of climate change, the most urgent challenge facing humanity.”

However, UKSCN activists also attempted to spend the night in the museum in June in protest at the Shell sponsorship but abandoned the move when they were threatened with arrest by police officers.