Charity ‘CALM’ Discusses Mental Wellbeing During Lockdown

Is The Lockdown Causing More Suicidal Case!
Is The Lockdown Causing More Suicidal Case!

Mental health charity CALM has said that more people than ever are discussing mental wellbeing during the lockdown as many have found that it has negatively impacted them. Puza Snigdha reports.

CALM has revealed that 43% of people in the UK feel that the pandemic and lockdown has had a “significant negative impact on how they feel every day”. Here are the top things to know from their survey:

  • CALM have received 19,249 calls and web chats since the lockdown began back in March.
  • 435 of people think that the current coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown has had a “significant negative impact on how they feel every day”, according to the new survey.
  • Simon Gunning, CEO of CALM has said: “It’s become clear in the past two months that alongside the physical health crisis we’re facing, we urgently need to think about the mental health implications too,”
  • He added “We know that as lockdown and the effects of coronavirus continue, the challenges will shift and evolve – and we’ll shift and evolve with them to ensure we can continue to provide the support needed during this challenging and unpredictable time,” he added.
  • Discussing how mental health issues have been on the rise during the pandemic, Gunning said: “We’ve spoken to frontline workers dealing with traumatic situations every day, while also contending with their own worries and anxieties. We’ve spoken to people who are feeling confused, nervous, angry, frustrated and helpless, as well as people facing difficult life situations.”

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