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Eurovision 2019: Netherlands Wins the Contest

In one of the closest competitions in recent years, the battle for the top spot in the Eurovision song contest was a tight fight between Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy and Nor

Indian National Election 2019 Voting Ends Today

Indians are voting in the seventh and final phase of national elections, wrapping up a gruelling six-week campaign. Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party is seeking re-ele

Italy: Teacher Suspended After Her Pupils Criticise Far-right Law

An Italian teacher has been suspended over a video made by her students. That video contains an evaluation of a security law drafted by Italy’s far-right interior minister,

CSR as a Step Towards Sustainable Development

‘Sustainability’ the word itself enhances its importance as it is reflecting the way of using and continuing any process that would not end up with any sort of irresponsib

Black Mama’s Bail Out Day

For the third year in a row, “Black Mama’s Bail Out Day” is raising money to bail out as many black women from jail as possible. The effort is taking place in dozens of

Sri Lanka: Catholic Churches Hold Sunday Mass Since Easter attacks

Catholics in the Sri Lankan cities of Colombo and Negombo have held their first Sunday morning masses since the terrorist attacks. To include, churches were struck by suicide

UN: Nearly all Countries Agreed to Plastic Waste Agreement

The United Nations announced on Friday that almost all the world’s countries have agreed on a deal aimed at restricting shipments of hard-to-recycle plastic waste to poorer

China Under Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping becomes china’s most powerful political thinker since Mao Zedong after a new body of political thought caring his name in the communist party’s constitutions an

London Marathon: Nurse in Trousers Told Her Record will be Reviewed

An NHS nurse Jessica Anderson who ran the London marathon was told her Guinness World Record attempt would not count because she was not wearing a dress. Jessica Anderson ran

Sri Lanka: Eco-Friendly Playing Jersey Unveiled

Sri Lanka unveiled their ‘Eco-Friendly’ playing jersey and training kit for the upcoming ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, on 3rd May.  The jersey is unique and different as th