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Republicans join calls for investigation

Mitch McConnell, Leader of Senate Majority, said on Tuesday it's "highly likely" the Senate intelligence committee will investigate former

Oscar López Rivera pardoned by Barack Obama

The Puerto Rican independence activist Oscar López Rivera has been released after enduring more than three decades in a Chicago prison. B

Pizza firm ‘sliced jobs to leave EU’

Brexit has been blamed by BOSSES at Britain’s largest food company because of hundreds of jobs are being threatened at a Midlands pizza

Tunisia terror attack: Inquests are about to resume

Lawyers for families who lost relatives in Sousse mass shooting to accuse travel firm of ‘practically hiding’ FCO terror warnings. Inq

Arab workers called for a strike in Israel

Arab workers of Israeli called for a strike on Wednesday after Israeli authorities on Tuesday destroyed 11 illegal buildings in the centra

National Anthem to play before cinema in India

On 30th November The Supreme Court of India ordered that, “All the cinema halls in India shall play the national anthem before the featu

CGT promises to keep up fight against labour law

Millitant French trade union federation CGT threatened that it will continue to do everything possible to block the Socialist government’s anti-union legislation. The CGT p

Millions of children traumatised by Syria war

Haggard and covered in blood, little Omran’s blank stare shook the world. But across war-torn Syria, thousands of children like him are traumatised by daily life under bombs

ISIS spokesman killed in Aleppo

The senior Islamic State strategist Abu Muhammad al-Adnani was killed in northern Syria, the group announced on Tuesday, signaling the death of one of the world’s most-wante

Paralympics – The Sporting Sideshow?

The word Paralympics was created from the Greek 'para', defined as 'beside or alongside', hence sideshow in name. In terms of nature, we