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George Osborne Wants Student Debtors to Repay

The government has currently put out proposals for consultation that would lead to graduates from 2012 and current students paying up to an extra £300 a year on their loans b

Israeli-Palestinian Violence Spreads

At least six Palestinians are shot dead by Israeli troops in Gaza while a knife-wielding Jewish man wounded four Arabs in southern Israel on Friday. Following a rash of attack

Imam Network Launched an online Magazine to Counter ISIS

A new online magazine, focused on fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s propaganda and instead spreading a moderate and peaceful view of Islam. The online publicati

Erdogan Says Turkey Cannot Endure Violation of Airspace

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that his country "cannot endure" Russian aircraft violating its airspace along the Syrian border, warning that "an attack on Tu

Jeremy Corbyn: Wouldn’t Use Nuclear Weapons Anyway

In an interview at the end of the party’s annual conference, the Labour leader admitted he would not “press the button” to retaliate in the event of a nuclear attack if

Handling Migrant Crisis

Amid Hungary’s struggle to cope with some 150,000 migrants that have crossed its borders so far this year, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has called on the European U

Queen’s Representative Resigned over Leaked Emails

Paul Sabapathy, CBE, the Queen’s personal representative to the West Midlands steps down after making comments about British Pakistanis in leaked private email. After att

UK: Tulip Seeks Action to End Refugee Crisis

Bangladesh-origin British lawmaker Tulip Siddiq and along with her two other colleagues has written a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron seeking a concrete and urg

First Refugees Arrive in Austria after Border Move

Amid worldwide concerns over migrant crisis, the first of thousands of refugees reached Austria early on Saturday morning after Hungary's surprise move to provide buses for

Millions Strike to Protest Proposed Indian Labor Reforms

As many as 150 million unionized workers across India are staging a day-long strike to protest at Narendra Modi’s labor reforms. As the largest overhaul of India’s labor l