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Stonewall Reflects on a Decade of Change

We’ve just begun a new decade. This should give us all time to pause and reflect on what’s happened over the past 10 years, says P

Interview: Chris Amos of Pleasuredrome, London’s gay & bisexual sauna spa

Pleasuredrome UK is London’s world famous gay and bisexual sauna spa, located in Waterloo. Ahead of the publication of our annual WhatsOn Pink Guide, we

Opinion: Have we been Pinkwashing Pride?

By: Amara Iqbal  As the rainbow season rolls around in May and ends in September, it has become an advantage for retailers in the UK to boost their sales,

Platinum Passes to Northern Pride Festival

Northern Pride Festival returns to Newcastle’s Town Moor and Exhibition Park from 19 to 21 July and organisers have teamed up with club night favourite, Bongo’s Bi

LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week 2017 – with Diagrama Adoption

Today marks the start of LGBT Adoption and Fostering week 2017 – and Diagrama Adoption is, as always, proud to

Six British LGBT locations are made landmarks

Six historic LGBTQ landmarks have been awarded special sta

LGBT in Athletics

It would have been very hard to ignore over the past decade from many areas in the sporting world as many more athletes have come out and with many more in support of them, bu

Together With Trans

The transgender community is still fighting for equality. Ryan Stalley, from Amnesty UK, uncovers how change really is possible.

Massacre at LGBT nightclub in Orlando

There will be no doubt you’ve all heard about the massacre at Pulse gay club in the state of Orlando, Florida, which has left the region in a state of shock and mourning wh