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Canada Set To Criminalise Conversion Therapy

By Alice Hudson On Monday, Canada announced plans for a nationwide ban on LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, which is considered harmful and is widely discredited. The federal

Jeremy Corbyn Pledges a “Cultural Renaissance” for Arts

Jeremy Corbyn has established a charter to support the arts, promising £1bn of new investment in a renewed Cultural Strategy. The pop star Lily Allen, Emeli

A$AP Rocky will Help The Inmates in The Swedish Jail

Reportedly, A$AP Rocky is planning to use his return to Sweden where he was held for 6 months in jail and has got facilities as a celebrity which the other didn't get.

McDonald’s workers go on McStrike for better pay and working conditions

By Judith Hawkins Staff at McDonald's have gone on strike today, uniting with fast food workers across the world in a global demonstration to demand an end t

The historic Karatpur corridor now open for Sikh pilgrimage

By Shayan Shakir Indian-Sikh pilgrims are now allowed to cross the India-Pakistan border visa free to Sikhism's holiest shrines. Since the end

Billie Stunned As Celebrity Clones Keep Appearing for Halloween

By Joshua John-Brandy Halloween has seemed to start early this year across the globe, especially in the world of social media as post after post fills the sc

Kashmir Opens for Tourists After Two Months Ban

Tourists are being allowed into Jammu and Kashmir from Thursday, two months after the government ban. On Monday, governor Satya Pal Malik announced this foll

Extinction Rebellion: 3 Opportunities to Get Involved!

Extinction Rebellion are really stepping up their game. Their protests outside Parliament are quickly gaining infamy, and their movement is growing fast. Although it’s an in

Google, Facebook, Amazon To Face Congressional Inquiry

by Dipto Paul Nydia Velazquez, House Small Business Committee Chairwoman, invites the trio of tech giants to a congressional inquiry relating to their impact on the

The heat is on: poll reveals climate change is considered more of an issue than ever

By George Biggs HOPE not hate, a prominent anti-fascist and anti-racist protest group, commissioned a poll that reveals what many could already guess: climate cha