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France: Fire at French Ski Resort Killed Two

Fire swept through a building in the French ski resort of Courchevel on Sunday. This accident caused the death of two people. Another 22 people have been injured. French sk

Japan: World’s Oldest Man Died

   The world’s oldest man has died at his home peacefully in Japan at the age of 113. Family confirms the death in the early hours of Sunday while

Paris: Bakery ‘Gas Explosion’ Left Two Dead and Dozens Hurt

Saturday morning a massive explosion killed two firefighters which caused by a “pocket of gas” in a six-store building in Paris. 47 people were injured on that blast. C

Social Exclusion Creates Jihadists

Lone-rangers are becoming more and more dangerous in terms of jihad-ism and extremism. People who are excluded from family and society can be manipulated easily. And Global in

Paris:  Protest Turns Violent

City of love with Eiffel tower is not in peace as violence erupted on the margins of anti-fuel tax demonstrations held by the citizens’ protest movement known as the gi

India: Bus Crash Killed At least 25 Schoolchildren

  At least 25 people were killed when a speeding bus fell into a canal in southern Indias Karnataka state. Official says vehicle fell into a canal state after driver l

Taiwan: Vote for Same Sex Marriage

  Uncertainty grips gay individuals in Taiwan as couple goes to the vote. A landmark court ruling left Taiwan set to become the primary country to legitimatise gay wed

Jordan: Flash Floods Havoc Results in 12 Dead

Tourism is one of the economic sources of Jordan which greatly affected due to recent flash floods unleashed by heavy rain. The local peoples are also facing life threats as a

Rome: Rally with Hash tag “Rome says enough”

Under the hashtag #romadicebasta (“Rome says enough”) residents’ associations and civil society teams banded along to organise Saturday’s protest, drawing between five

USA: Pittsburgh Shooting Left 11 Dead

  On Saturday Eleven people were killed and six wounded in a shooting at a synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighbourhood of Pittsburgh. Donald Trump called the shooting