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Myanmar Election: NLD Has Won Election Majority

Ms Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy (NLD) party is heading for a resounding win after weekend elections. Early results point to a sweeping victory for her National Leag

SeaWorld Will End Killer Whale Shows

SeaWorld will end theatrical orca shows at its theme park in San Diego next year as part of a comprehensive overhaul of the company in the wake of mounting protests over its t

Myanmar elections: NLD Party Wins First 12 Seats

Aung San Suu Kyi has won the historic general election held over the weekend and with this Myanmar's ruling party conceded defeat in the country's general election on Monday (

UK : Britain’s Gender pay gap would take 54 years to reach parity !!

Women effectively working for free until end of year and the gender pay gap at 14.2%. It falls just five days later than last year, and only two days later than in 2013. Brita

Sierra Leone Overcome the Nightmare of Ebola

Over 4000 lives are taken by Ebola since the outbreak of this virus in 2014. At last the giant virus under control and Sierra Leone has been declared free of Ebola by World He

Obama Reject XL Pipeline as Fight Against Climate Change

Obama hails US as leader on climate change and rejects Keystone XL pipeline. With this decision Obama ends seven years of high-wire political drama and hands environmentalists

New History Begins in Canadian cabinet

The second youngest minister Justin Trudeau hails ‘a cabinet that looks like Canada’, where ethnically diverse cabinet is equally balanced between men and women. The ca

Pakistan: Factory Collapse Kills 18

At least 18 people were killed and 51 injured when the roof of a factory collapsed near the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore Wednesday (04-11). The incident comes less than tw

Russian Plane Crash in Egypt may have caused by bomb, Us and UK Officials Suggest

US and UK officials suggest that the Russian jetliner that crashed in the Egyptian desert may have been brought down by a bomb. The British government has suspended all flight

Houston rejects LGBT nondiscrimination law

Houston voters rejected an ordinance on Tuesday (4/11/15) that would have barred discrimination against LGBT people. The Houston Equal Rights Ordinance was rejected after a ne