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Japan: One Million Population Lost In 5 Years

According to a new census figure, Japan’s population has been shrunk by nearly one million in the past five years. It was the first time since Japan began collecting census

UK: EU Exit May Lead To Global Economy ‘Shock’

Following the G20 meeting in Shanghai, finance ministers from the world's leading economies warned of a "shock" to the global economy if the UK leaves the EU. UK Chancellor Ge

Iran: All Adult Men In A Village Executed For Drug Offences

All adult males in a village in southern Iran have been executed by the state for drug offences, according to Shahindokht Molaverdi, Iran’s vice-president for women and fami

Teenager Who Raped And Killed His Maths Teacher, Sentenced To Life In Prison

Philip Chism, an American teenager has been sentenced to life in prison after he raped and killed his high school maths teacher. Chism was 14 years old while his teacher, Coll

The Alarming Storm In Global Economy

Global economy tensions rise significantly indicated by the disorder in stock markets, interest rates and currencies. *Understanding the disorder- The turmoil in the global

Europe to prepare for Humanitarian Crisis

European governments are setting themselves up for a huge humanitarian crisis in Greece following a dispute between EU interior ministers. Growing concerns surrounding the

University student Catches Typhoid for £3,000

22 year old Siân Rogers purposefully contracted typhoid in order to earn a whopping £3,000, all in the name of medical research. After already having the deadly Ebola vir

Dr Luke Rape Allegations, Kesha Issues Statement Thanking Supporters

The American "Tik Tok" singer Kesha has issued a public statement amid her legal battle with producer and former mentor Dr Luke. The singer claims Dr. Luke raped and sexuall

India: Women allowed to take up combat roles in all areas of the military

As another step towards development India permits women to take up combat roles in all areas of its military. By making this action India joined a modest bunch of nations wher

Nepal: Passenger Plane Crashed, 23 killed

The remains of a passenger plane carrying 23 people is found at a forest in Soli Ghoptebhir of Myagdi district after four hours of search and rescue operations. All of the pas