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Music Of The Day: Show Me The Body – Body War

New York band-Show Me The Body has just dropped their debut album 'Body War' at the end of last week via YouTube. This album has not get any promotion yet. Show Me the Bod

Lorde Donates £10,000 to feed Under-Privileged Children

Lorde has just donated a sum of £10,000 to the charity 'Fuel the Need', which helps feed under-privileged kids in New Zealand. The foundation is set up by organiser Manuel Da

Federer’s Clash with world No.772 ” at Wimbledon

British qualifier Marcus Willis-the world number 772 Wimbledon run came to an end with a defeat by seven-time champion Roger Federer on the Centre Court. Willis, who came thro

Turkey declares day of mourning due to attack on Istanbul airport

Istanbul Ataturk International Airport is faced by a terrorist attack where Multiple explosions have occurred. Turkey has declared a day of mourning due to the violent inciden

British boy charged for ‘assassination attempt’ on Trump

A Briton is arrested for attempting murder on Donald trump rally two weeks ago who trying to steal a police officer’s gun to shoot the Republican candidate. Michael Sandf

Terrorist Attack at Turkish Airport claims 36 Lives

A series of terrorist bombing have taken place at a Turkish airport in the last few hours, killing 36 people and injuring 147. The attacks were from suicide bombers, and w

Rescuers tried to extricate trapped blue whale in California

Rescue teams attempted to untangle a blue whale after it became entrapped in crab nets off the coast of California on Monday. The alarm was raised after the animal as they a

George Osborne will not enter on Tory leadership race

Chancellor George Osborne says he will not replace Prime Minister David Cameron’s role when he stands down later this year. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has suggested Br

Fashion Photographer Bill Cunningham dies aged 87

The fashion world has been in mourning over the weekend, following the death of renowned street-style photographer Bill Cunningham. Widely known, loved and respected Bill died

Iain Duncan Smith Denies Initial NHS Pledge

Iain Duncan Smith has made claims that he 'never said' that the NHS would get £350m a week, despite the 'Leave' campaign using this as one of their key arguments. Whilst l