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BD: Long march to save Sundarbans

National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports, and other green groups have started long march towards Rampal of the Sundarbans demanding that the

World Consumer Rights Day: Fight Anti-Biotic Resistance

Today is World Consumer Rights Day and it is an occasion of solidarity for all, it is the promotion of rights for consumers and to ensure that consumers are protected from un

Radiohead release more tour dates for this year!

Radiohead have announced details of their first tour since 2012, they were already set to appear at a series of festivals but have added some headlining shows. It isn’t a ma

The Stone Roses prepare to release third album

The Stone Roses are preparing to release their third album, more than 22 years after their delayed second album ‘Second Coming’ which left fans hungry for more. The band r

Myanmar: Htin Kyaw Elected as First Civilian President in Decades

Myanmar parliament has elected Htin Kyaw as as the country’s first non-military president since the army took power in a 1962 coup. Htin Kyaw received 360 of 652 ballots cas

UK: Pigeon patrol used to handle London’s air pollution emergency

Group of racing pigeons furnished with pollution sensor and Twitter account take to the skies in offer to bring issues to light of capital's illicitly grimy air. They've been

Government introduces legislation to protect small music venues

Government introduces new legislation designed to protect small music venues. New government legislation will come into force in April and it requires property developers pla

Zero Hour Contracts have been banned in New Zealand

Zero Hour Contracts have been banned in New Zealand in a unanimous vote to pass the bill to end the negative practice used by many employers over the world and it is especiall

February breaks worldwide temperature records by “stunning” sum

According to Nasa data that released on Saturday (13-3-16), Global temperatures in February smashed previous monthly records by an unprecedented amount, sparking warnings of a

UK: Educational expenses ‘have prompted a surge in students looking for counseling’

Students accessing mental health services are rising and according to campaigners of this issue, financial worries are blamed for this, especially the hike in tuition fees is