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5 key points from the 2020 budget

By Simone Barton With the increasing cases of the coronavirus in the UK today seems to be the perfect day for Chancellor Rishi Sunak to announce his 2020 budget, d

5 Shows Cancelled Over Coronavirus

The epidemic coronavirus is spreading every day and it has become fear of every person. Countries are following lots of restrictions; as a result, there is no mood of

Extinction Rebellion Sets Out 2020 Strategy

By Alice Hudson Extinction Rebellion have set out their strategy for furthering and achieving their goals in 2020. There are four key points that they have addressed; p

Corona Virus Deaths Reach 563

The death caused by corona virus in China has reached 563 including almost 3,000 new cases reported, on Wednesday. In an attempt to develop a vaccine the health experts have

Here are 5 reasons why Greta Thunberg should win the Nobel Prize

Swedish 17-year-old Greta Thunberg, who started with a solo strike against climate change, has shaken world leaders with her blunt and explosive speeches.&nb

David Cameron Rejects The Offer of COP 26 Climate Summit Job

David Cameron has rejected the offer of leading the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow which is in November and the offer was from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“Our House Is Still On Fire”: Thunberg Addresses #Davos2020

By Alice Hudson 17 year old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has spoken out at Davos 2020, attacking the world leaders she blames for the crisis; “

World’s Oceans and Land Must be Protected By this Decade-UN Draft Agreement on Nature

To stop and reverse biodiversity decline which is putting human survival in danger zone, a Paris-style draft agreement has been made by UN which orders that every nati

New Zealand Schools to Open Subjects about Climate Crisis, Activism and ‘Eco Anxiety’

This year New Zealand’s all schools will get access to materials about the climate crisis that is written by the country’s leading science agencies where school wi

Greta Thunberg Responds to Meat Loaf’s Claims

World’s top focused climate activist Greta Thunberg responds to the claims that was put by the popular American singer and actor Meat Loaf last week. Meat