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Extinction Rebellion tells government to ‘ACT NOW’ in Summer Uprising protests across the UK

By Meg Thackray-Howard Thousands across the UK are partaking in peaceful protests in 5 major cities as part of the socio-political movement fighting agains

Tremendous Flood in Nepal, India and Bangladesh: Death Toll Rising

Heavy rainfall has caused Flooding and landslides across parts of south Asia which has killed more than 50 people, millions have been affected and the death toll is still risi

World Can Learn From Bangladesh Techniques To Tackle Climate Change

As Bangladesh is one of the most climate vulnerable countries in the world and has been investing in solutions over the past decade, it has learned a lot and can teach

USA: The Governor Declares State of Emergency after Earthquake in California

A quake with a magnitude of 7.1 jolted much of California, cracking buildings, setting fires, breaking roads and causing several injuries while s

‘Extreme’ fall in Antarctic sea ice since 2014

Satellite data shows Antarctica has seen an ‘extreme’ fall in expanding sea ice since 2014, more than ever before. The quantity of ice lost during the last 34 years in

France: Temperature Records all-time High

France recorded temperatures nearly two degrees higher than its previous record as much of western Europe remained in the grip of an extreme early-summer heat wave on Friday.

Monkey World welcomes four endangered new arrivals

Monkey World has welcomed four more infant primates to the park in 2019, all of whom are at risk of extinction in the wild. Three have been born at the pa

NASA Announces Dragonfly Mission: Drones to Saturn Moon Titan

US space agency NASA is sending drone called “Dragonfly” to the Titan to explore Saturn’s largest moon and the drone will fly and land on several spots on the icy moon t

Switzerland: Tourist Drowns in Lake Geneva

This Saturday a violent storm battered parts of Switzerland. According to local police, a woman has drowned in Lake Geneva when her sightseeing boat sank during the storm. An

Save Our Oceans – Greenpeace

With World Oceans Day on 8 June, Mal Chadwick of Greenpeace highlights how humanity’s fate is bound to the oceans, and the vital work taking place to protect them.