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Bristol may be the first British city to ban diesel cars

Bristol may just end up being the first British city to introduce a ban on diesel cars within the limits of it’s city centre to improve the quality of air.

Cannibal ants discovered in a nuclear bunker in Poland

By Shayan Shakir A mysterious and unique colony of wood ants have been discovered in the an old Polish nuclear bunker by scientists. These ants have been sai

Typhoon Hagibis Attack: Around 36 Dead & 18 Missing

Powerful Typhoon Hagibis ripped through Japan triggering deadly landslides and flooding rivers with hundreds of homes evacuated and left around 36 dead, 18 missing.

Extinction Rebellion – London City Airport Protest: Day 1 Rundown

By George Biggs Yesterday, dozens of Extinction Rebellion protestors made a stand at London City Airport. Most failed to get past security, instead

Extinction Rebellion: 3 Opportunities to Get Involved!

Extinction Rebellion are really stepping up their game. Their protests outside Parliament are quickly gaining infamy, and their movement is growing fast. Although it’s an in

Extinction Rebellion releases guide to help arrested activists

Climate change protestors Extinction Rebellion have released a new no-nonsense guide to help their activists when they are arrested and charged, after the arrest of hu

Arrests carried out at the Extinction Rebellion protest in London

By Shayan Shakir Stats suggest that, more than 130 people have been arrested on the streets of London as part of the two week long protest to raise awarene

Elon Musk plans to use new vehicles to send people to the Moon and Mars

By Shayan Shakir The Tesla and SpaceX CEO, has plans to send people to the Moon and Mars in vehicles that will be capable of doing so and at the same time

Billie Eilish plans to carry out a “green” tour

By Shayan Shakir Singer Billie Eilish, is set to head out on her upcoming tour “Where Do We Go” next year and keep it “as green as possible”

The UK braces for Hurricane Lorenzo as it makes it’s way towards the island

By Shayan Shakir After a weekend of heavy rain, The UK still braces for worse weather being brought by Hurricane Lorenzo over the Atlantic Ocean.