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The strings aren’t cut just yet: How New Netflix Series revives puppetry

By Sam Merricks The new Netflix Series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance showcases how puppets aren’t just for children in this dark fantasy/adventure series,

The heat is on: poll reveals climate change is considered more of an issue than ever

By George Biggs HOPE not hate, a prominent anti-fascist and anti-racist protest group, commissioned a poll that reveals what many could already guess: climate cha

Clown Queen of Comedy Bianca Del Rio comes to Wembley Arena

By Sam Merricks Bianca Del Rio, best known for winning RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 is now clowning around on tour and is on her way to Wembley Stadium where she i

Personal pronoun ‘they’ added into Merriam-Webster dictionary 

By George Biggs Over 500 words have been added to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary this month. Amidst all the technical lingo and abbreviat

Caesarean Babies have Less Gut Bacteria but More Hospital Bacteria

Scientists discovered that vaginally born babies got most of their mom's gut bacteria, while C-section babies pick up more bugs linked to hospital environments. These early en

Holographic Revival: Whitney Houston Returns

By George Biggs UK and Ireland dates have been announced for An Evening with Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour, a grou

Long Live Lizzo: The Year of Self-Love

By Sam Merricks This Michigan born star has made quite the mark on the music industry as of 2019 where she has blown up on the music charts and has come bringing

Black Carbon Found in Placentas Study Says

A new study confirms that black carbon from air pollution reaches the fetal side of the placenta, suggesting major health risks for women and their unborn children.

The Comeback of Crybaby: Melanie Martinez returns with K-12

By Sam Merricks Melanie Martinez first came onto our screens when she auditioned for The Voice US in 2012 where she chose Adam Levine as her coach for the 3rd&