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Death toll in China Rises to 80 and Thousands Infected by Coronavirus

Atleast 80 people have now died from Coronavirus, and 2,744 cases of illness have been confirmed, mostly in the city of Wuhan in China where the virus first appeared. Expert

Winners of The 2020 Grammy Awards

The 62nd Annual Grammy Awards took place in Los Angeles on Sunday. The Grammy Awards are undoubtedly the biggest night in music. It was an emotional night following the death

Basketball Legend Kobe Bryant And His Daughter Died in Helicopter Crush

Former American professional basketball player and NBA superstar of all time Kobe Bryant and one of his daughter Gianna were among nine people who killed in a helicopt

5 Bollywood Movies Coming in February

A new month means new movies. Bollywood movie lovers raise your hand! Here are 5 Bollywood movies that are set to be released this February. 1. Rat on A Highway-

5 Best Wellbeing Spots to Spend Holidays in Europe

Who does not want to spend a refreshing holiday with their family and friends? Here we let you know about the top 5 best wellbeing spots in Europe to spend your holidays.

Children Express Their Demands, Concerns with MPs

Three hundred schoolchildren, each representing a parliamentary constituency of the country, placed their demands in a face-to-face meeting with the members of parliament on T

5 Facts: Global Warming & Tokyo Olympic

Tokyo Olympic 2020 in Japan is dated during the summer time but the lowest level of snowfall during the winter put the Olympic authority under huge tension.

Three US Crew Dead in NSW Air Tanker Crash

Three crew members of America has died after an air tanker crashed in the snowy mountain area of the state of New South Wales during the bushfire, on Thursday. The aircraft

17 Deaths & More than 570 People Infected by Virus in China

A Coronavirus outbreak that originated in Wuhan, has killed 17 people and infected more than 570 across China. Authorities will suspend all outbound transport from Wuhan. The

Jess Phillips Leaves Labour Leadership Battle

British Labour Party politician Jess Phillips has quit the leadership battle after announcing that she is not the right person to 'unite' the party. Phillips confirmed the ne