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HBO Reveals Trailer of “Game of thrones” Season 8: Premiere on April

After two years of waiting, HBO finally released the trailer of most popular fantasy fiction TV series “Game of Thrones” season finale’s trailer along with a premiere da

Two French Police Officers on Trail: Tourist Rape Accusation

The five year old incident has put people on shock when the two French anti-gang police officers go on trial in Paris on Monday, in an accusation of raping a Canadian tourist

Less Sitting, More Moving for Living Longer and Healthier

To reduce risk of early death, sitting must be replaced with exercise, as plenty of "sitting is the new smoking" research has found. Study says A quarter of Americans sit for

Gdańsk Mayor Pawel Adamowicz Stabbed in Charity Event: Poland

Paweł Adamowicz, the mayor of the northern Polish city of Gdańsk was stabbed in abdomen by a man with a knife, on Sunday while he was on the stage attending the finale of a

DNA Pioneer James Watson Loses Honors over Racist Comments

The Nobel Prize-winning American scientist, James Watson, who co-discovered DNA has been stripped of his honorary titles after repeating racist comments in a documentary, in w

Australia: Heatwave to Soar in Every State and Territory

This week Australia is going to experience a heatwave in a row of temperatures above 40C. According to Meteorologists forecast, the hot conditions will last for days in some p

USA: Hate Crimes is in Rising

Hate crimes are not an uncommon affair in different countries of the world but the United States as when it comes to hate crimes and gun massacres, the country is tragically e

Paris: Bakery ‘Gas Explosion’ Left Two Dead and Dozens Hurt

Saturday morning a massive explosion killed two firefighters which caused by a “pocket of gas” in a six-store building in Paris. 47 people were injured on that blast. C

Legend Andy Murray Announces Retirement Plans from Tennis

Andy Murray, 31, broke down in tears as he revealed he plans to end his career, in an emotional press conference, at Wimbledon. The Australian Open, which starts on Monday, co

Mutilated and Dismembered Body of A Teenager Found in Gaya

A mutilated and dismembered body of a teen girl found in Gaya, a city in Bihar state on Sunday who was missing since December 28. Eastern India police are saying that the g