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Drugged Orangutan Found in Bali Airport: Russian Tourist Arrested

Including two live geckos and five lizards Bali police found a drugged orangutan in a Russian tourist's luggage who was claiming that the animal is for keeping at home as a pe

Dead Rats are being Used to Smuggle Drugs

Criminals stuffed dead rats with drugs and mobile phones to smuggle the contraband into UK prisons. The prison service is working with police to find and prosecute the culprit

Thailand: First General Election in Eigh Years

Today 24 March, Thailand is having its first general election in eight years. Some expected that it will mark the end of five years of military rule after it took power in a

Environment: Climate Financing is Important to Bring Sustainability

Climate change is not a new issue; it is changing constantly over geological time. But recently the rapid change of climate is becoming a serious environmental concern because

UK: Brexit Protesters are Set to Take Part in the ‘Put it to the People’

Hundreds of thousands of Brexit protesters are expected to take part in the ‘Put it to the People’ march. Protesters will be marching today to demand another public Brexit

At Least 47 Died and 640 Injured in China Chemical Plant Blast

The explosion of a pesticide plant at Yancheng, north of Shanghai leaves 47  to death and 640 people were taken to 16 hospitals on Thursday afternoon. Death toll can rise as

Stolen Wire of Concertina Border Fence are Using in Tijuna for Home Sealing

The wire called Concertina was installed on the top of the of the border between San Diego, Calif, and Tijuana and now the wire is being stolen by the Mexican in Tijuna which

Cyclone Idai Causes Massive disaster in Southern Africa

The devastating tropical cyclone struck Mozambique, Zimbabwe several other countries in southern Africa causing widespread flooding and destruction. Within a week at least 202

40kg of Plastic Found in Dead Whale Stomach in Philippines

A starving whale found dead at the shore of the Philippines on Saturday, because of 40kg plastics including rice sacks, grocery bags, banana plantation bags trash-filled its s

Safety Crisis by Poppy Super Bloom Tourists in California

Poppy fields in Lake Elsinore, California, was forced to shut down temporarily to public citing a "public safety crisis" as visitors trampled blooms and caused traffic jams.