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FCC Votes to Scrap US ‘Net Neutrality’ Laws

America's foremost internet regulator voted to repeal laws that protect neutral access to content on the web last night, despite vocal opposition from the public and a number

Bermuda Replaces Same-Sex Marriage with Partnerships

A bill to introduce domestic partnerships was approved without amendment this weekend, and replaces same-sex marriage with the partnerships. Same-sex marriages had been mad

Essex Book Festival’s 2018 Lineup Announced!

Attention readers! Essex Book Festival is returning in 2018 with an eclectic mix of writers performers and broadcasters. Throughout March next year, over 100 events will ta

Tory Rebels Deal Blow to Brexit

The Brexit process hit something of a snag last night, as Tory rebels saw to it that MPs must approve the deal for Britain to leave the European Union. In what is Theresa M

In Alabama election Democrat’s triumph over Republican a blow to Trump

The Democrat Doug Jones has beaten his Donald Trump-backed Republican rival Roy Moore in Tuesday’s Senate contest is a stunning defeat for Trump and a political earthquake l

Kendrick Lamar Saw a UFO but Nobody Believes Him

Kendrick Lamar said that he has witnessed a UFO when he was you

Local Businesses to Receive Funding After Grenfell Fire

It has been just over six months since the tragedy of the Grenfell fire, where a tower block in one of the richest areas of London was engulfed by flames, ruining individual l

Open Letter Reveals Extent of Sexual Harassment in Australian Music Industry

Female musicians and artists working in the Australian music industry have penned an open letter online, revealing details of their experiences and sharing the extent to which

Authorities In Xinjiang Collecting DNA From All Residents

Chinese authorities in Xinjiang are collecting DNA samples, fingerprints, iris scans, and blood types of all residents in the region between the age of 12 and 65. This campaig