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Untitled Unmastered

Artist: Kendrick Lamar The hot US sensation, Kendrick Lamar, has released his new album, Untiltled Unmastered, hitting the internet as a


David Munro Celtic Thunder has just released their album Legacy: Volume 1 on DVD. This offers new and old fans the chance to love the spectacle and therefore

KokhonKibhabeEkhaneKe Jane

INDALO Popular rock band Indalo presented audience with its debut album KokhonKibhabeEkhaneKe Jane in September. The album also got an online rele

Kendrick Lamar drops Shock New Album

American superstar rapper, Kendrick Lamar has surprised fans by dropping a killer eight track album, 'Untitled Unmastered'. From jazz to funk, the album is compiled with po

‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’

1975 This up-and-coming band are a British alternative rock band, based in Manchester. As well as releasing four EPs, they also released their first

Painting With

Animal Collective American experimental pop band Animal Collective has released their tenth studio album Painting With . Already Three singles have

Monkemoner Station

Shreya Ghoshal The title song sort of belies the overall gaiety and freshness of the album Monkemoner Station, with a melancholic template that has

‘All I Need’

Foxes This album got elements from the first one, but it's definitely not as produced. The tracks feel a lot more vocal [with] piano and strings.

Steel Threads *****

Rule Of Three Sometimes a band comes along that is both unique and almost near perfect. A case of leave well alone and just make more music please.