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Review: Requiem by Joey Collins

Requiem is the new EP by Joey Collins, Nottingham and Derby’s answer to Kurt Cobain, with a voice that carries a full range of emotions. A few of the so

Street Light Interference

Artist: Rude Audio Ever since people like Mike Oldfield was plying his conceptual trade there’s been a gap in the market for the next big step. Rude Audi


Artist: Kele

Songs For Sad Girls

Artist: Lauren Tate  Anyone wondering if the well of musical talent has dried up nee

Michael Kiwanuka

How Michael Kiwanuka manages to slip under the radar of major radio stations is beyond many. He already has two certified gold albums to his credit and thi

Metal Galaxy

Metal Galaxy Artist: Babymetal Only the Japanese could mix kitsch teen cuteness to shredding metal guitars and get away with it. Fact is Babymetal have bec

Walk Amongst Rebels

Artist: Syd.31 With the industrial music revolution now in full swing and seeping into the mainstream Syd.31 couldn’t have timed this relea

Long Live Lizzo: The Year of Self-Love

By Sam Merricks This Michigan born star has made quite the mark on the music industry as of 2019 where she has blown up on the music charts and has come bringing

Why Me? Why Not.

Artist: Liam Gallagher

Saves The World

Artist: Muna Electro popsters Muna love doing things their own way. They’ve gained a large following for keeping gender pronouns out of their lyrics and