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Danzig Sings Elvis

Artist: Danzig This should be a terrible idea. One time Misfits naughty boy Glenn Danzig doing an album of the King’s finest works will have many gri

The Don Of Diamond Dreams

Artist: Shabazz Palaces An acquired taste for many, even those within the hip hop family, Shabazz Palaces like to keep listeners on their toes. The expe

The Rain In Our Eyes

Artist: Idealistics What do you do when the world of music is full of people trying to outdo one another with elaborate tricks and smoke an

All Rise

Artist: Gregory Porter Silky smooth and with a touch of nostalgia Gregory Porter songs put you in mind of those times you remember with fondness. His music

Future Nostalgia

Artist: Dua Lipa Transitioning from successful model to even more successful music artist Dua Lipa is pretty much the perfect pop princess. There don’t a

Sorry You Couldn’t Make It

Artist: Swamp Dogg Swamp Dogg’s career must beat almost every other artist out of sight. Sorry You Couldn’t Make It (a classic in waiting) is his 23rd


Artist: Alicia Keys Famed in the music industry for her activism and for being a bit of a rock when it comes to the ebb and flow of trends Alicia Keys has


Artist: Bones UK Laced with an atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife this unplugged EP drips class. It’s a measure of the quality of song wri


Artist: Sepultura The Brazilian thrashers are back with album number 15 and absolutely no letting up in terms of raw power and energy. You still get those

We’re New Again

Artist: Makaya McCraven Taking the last work of Gil Scott-Heron (I’m New Here) and reimagining the entire thing is more than just a bold move, it’s poten