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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin confirm their marriage

Pop singer of Los Angeles Justin Bieber  and model Hailey Baldwin has confirmed their marriage, posting the ultimate status update on social media. Bieber wrote on his In

Kanye West Supports The Family of Dead Security Guard by Donating $150K

Rapper Kanye West donated $150,000 to the family of dead security guard Jemel Roberson, who was shot by an Illinois officer near Chicago last weekend, while working at a Robbi

The People Pyramid will be Built : KLF Announces

The KLF have announced a plan to construct “art warriors” latest antic, a pyramid of bricks that filled with the ashes of 34,592 dead bodies and set to begin in Toxteth, L


Artist: Rita Ora Rits Ors’s second studio album, Phoenix, is scheduled to be released on 23 November. The lead single, "Your Song", reached the UK top te

Missy Elliot Nominated for Songwriters as First Female Rapper

The hiphop star Missy Elliot has selected as the first female rapper who has been nominated for the 2019 songwriter Hall of Fame and could also become the third rapper to ente

Taylor Swift Motivates Young People for Vote on Election Day

The pop star Taylor Swift spoke directly to her millions of fans on social media to go out for giving vote, on Tuesday after more than a decade of strict political neutrality

Chelsea Handler Poses Topless to Seek Attention of The Voters

Comedian and actress Chelsea Handler who has been very vocal about her political leanings in recent months, has post a topless picture on instragram on Sunday, she was in just

Drake Blamed Parq Casino Racial Profiling

Canadian rapper Drake has blamed Parq Casino in Vancouver on Saturday after a night out there, for racially profiling him by being depriving from the gaming facility. The c

Chris Cornell’s Doctor Sued by His Widow for Misconduct

Vicky Cornell, widow of late singer Chris Cornell sued his doctor Robert Koblin for misconductt, claiming that he was reckless in the way in which he prescribed the anti-anxie

Neil Young Ensures The Marriage to Daryl Hannah

The actress Neil Young ends the two months rumors of his marriage by announcing her marriage to Daryl Hannah in a website where he urged fans to vote in the upcoming US midter