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First all-out Junior Doctors Strike has begun

The first all-out junior doctors strike has kicked off today, amidst fears that their move will cost the NHS and Britain thousands of lives. Both routine and emergency care

Obama Pleads for UK to stay In EU

As 23 June draws nearer, the race to decide whether to be in or out of the EU heightens, with US president Barack Obama making an emotional plea for Britain to remain a part o

Ethnic Minority Grads face Unemployment Prejudice

Studies have revealed that Black, Asian, and other minority ethnic workers are more likely to face unemployment than other races, despite having an equally impressive degree o

EU Referendum Campaigning kicks off

The 10 week campaign has officially kicked off in the run up to the 23 June EU referendum, which will ultimately determine whether Britain leave or stay within the European

Tax Scandal Hits Politicians and The Rich

An unprecedented leak of millions of documents have revealed how some of the most affluent members of our society have managed to hide their money. People regularly open up

Zero Hour Contracts have been banned in New Zealand

Zero Hour Contracts have been banned in New Zealand in a unanimous vote to pass the bill to end the negative practice used by many employers over the world and it is especiall