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Why Cultural Diversity is Vital to Britain?

Why is cultural diversity important to any nation? We always obscurely hear about the eminence of cultural diversity, but do we know the actual benefits of a culturally divers

Junior Doctors Strike: The 5 Key Factors They Are Fighting For

NHS already in crisis It’s been a long time that Britain is in a stretched and underfunded health system which doesn’t train enough doctors and nur

Autism, A.S, Down’s Syndrome and the World

What do medical t.v series Holby City, recent BBC drama The A Word, and t.v film/drama  Coming Down the Mountain all have in common? They all have a character with a disabili

Adele 19, 21, 25 and Beyond

Our favourite British soul singer is back with a fresh new album, and like you’d have already guessed, it’s has become a huge hit. So much so that it gained more success t

Gay in the USA

Government officials have warned any LGBT travellers to take care whenever they go to the United States to be cautious of certain parts of the country owing to the recent ant

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 1 Preview

Episode Number: 1 Episode Title: The Red Woman Director: Jeremy Podeswa Snow’s fate is coming. After almost a who

5 Ways Prince Supported For A Better World

Prince was not only a versatile singer, but also a social worker who helped people get through life and fight for justice. Here are five ways he supported causes in order t


Rahul Ananda has always successfully created his own stylised pathway. Jannatul Maoa discovers the secret of his unique and aesthetic creativity. It was an

The Extraordinary Eliza and the Bear

Indie-folk-pop band, Eliza and the Bear have been working away in the musical mines on their self-titled debut album. Danielle Greening chats with them about their newest ende

5 Bowel Cancer Awareness Events To Attend

Like every year UK is observing its Bowel Cancer Awareness Month throughout the whole of April. It is really unthinkable that someone dies from bowel cancer in the UK every th