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Veg Spring Rolls

Veg Spring Rolls are crispy deep fried snacks filled with a delicious stuffing of lightly spiced and crunchy vegetables. This popular Asian snack is often served before the m

Beef Stroganoff

Ingredient> 2 pounds beef chuck roast, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper, 4 ounces butter, 4 green onions, sliced, 4 tablespoons all-purp

Fish Fry

A simple meal of dal, rice and fish fry can beat the blues out of anyone, isn’t it? Here is the most popular Asian dish that is called Fish Fry. Ingredients

Watermelon Bowl Fruit Salad

Watermelon Bowl Fruit Salad is simple and elegant. It also fit in with the general theme really well. Ingredients Watermelon, strawberries, red grapes,

Nutrilicious – Guilt Free Alternative Snacks

For most of us, snacking is the most difficult part when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can do everything right, but when you get one of those cravings it’s so

Lettuce Wraps

Go light and fresh when you're craving pizza, these easy lettuce wraps have all the taste with fewer carbs and calories. Ingredients to make this easy one

Top 5 Healthy Breakfasts

Our body is like a machine so its very important to start the day with healthy food. Its better to skip breakfast than eating unhealthy breakfast foods. So if you are bored of

5 Healthy Drinks for Kids

We know it's important to get kids to eat healthy foods, but what about getting them on board with healthy drinks? Here are 5 healthy drinks for kids besides water.  

Mashup Food Recipes

No offence to cookies, cakes or brownies, but they’re just so expected. Less standard is surprising dessert hybrids that combine the usual suspects in glorious ways. Here ma