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The Alchemist Review

Where to start? The Alchemist is known for their cocktails that bubble, steam and change colours, but did you also know they serve some up pretty damn good grub too? We wer

Gender Based Racism a Social Evil

From the history of Babel, humanity divided them based on racial and ethnic identity. Every ethnic group wants consolidation and believes in expansion, reservation, and glorif

Jubel Beer Review

Jubel beer is a real flavour experience. The Urban variety, which is cut with elderflower and has a lovely green & white label, has a really refreshing taste and slips

New Show Skyline Series Proved to Be Huge Success

A new show came to Birmingham on the weekend and it proved to be a real festival of fun. Entrance to the event was swift and music was pumping to get the crowds nicely warm

The Curators Beef Jerky

These beefy products are definitely for those who love meaty treats and savoury snacks. They are filling and flavoursome and make for the perfect accompaniment to a nice chill

The Era of New Global Movements

  Globalization and globalism enhance the idea of economic liberalization, basically trade liberalization. The term and process also bring the idea of democracy, human

Paw Patrol Live | Review

‘YO-HO’, ‘HOORAY’, it was Pirate Day in Adventure Bay, and what a jolly time there was to be had.

Be At One Birmingham: Christmas Showcase

Christmas in August, what? It is never too early to get into the Christmas spirit, we say, and this is something that the guys at cocktail chain Be At One also believe.

Environmental Induced Migration and its Effects in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries due to climate change. Natural disasters hit Bangladesh almost every year and cause much destruction to the lives and liveli

Climate Change: Tourism Industry in a Threat

Every single person of the world bound to accept the facts of climate change. This is not an ignorable issue and to fight this problem each and every individual should work, f