Capital in the Twenty-First Century

capital in the twenty first century

Based on the bestselling 2013 book by Thomas Piketty, this may be something you haven’t heard of before. The docu-film’s topic of choice has certainly been covered before under the lens of film, capitalism. However instead of getting weighed down in numbers and graphs and statistics, this time the goal is to go back historically to explain just how we’ve gotten to where we are now.

Understanding the average viewer may not have a complex understanding of particular topics discussed, imagine having to watch a football match with no understanding of the teams, the game or the backdrop to anything? Instead, it opts to a more narrative-driven approach that not only pays off but allows you to leave the experience with a much clearer understanding. With fewer pauses for reflection until the concluding moments, it really provokes and gives an eye-opening experience to the viewer about certain messes of the world that some would prefer us to ignore.