Bushfire Causes Worst-Ever Air Pollution in Sydney

Heavy Smoke from Australia’s bushfires has caused 11times worse air in Sydney. Some areas reached 12 times hazardous levels today, as the city was blanketed in thick smoke.
The haze on Tuesday was described by many people as the thickest to blanket the city amid this year’s fire crisis.
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It caused the cancellation of ferry and boat rides, while smoke permeating buildings forced evacuations citywide.
Locals described the situation as “apocalyptic” and “insane”.
Several office buildings, including the headquarters of the NSW Rural Fire Service, were briefly evacuated after the smoke triggered indoor alarms.
Almost 3,000 firefighters deployed across New South Wales as more than 80 bushfires continue to burn.
Health officials advised people to stay indoors, while many who ventured outside donned face masks.
Daycare centres and schools were also keeping children inside during lunch and recess.
NSW Ambulance Superintendent Brent Armitage said his organisation was attending up to 100 respiratory-related call-outs per day.
Dr Richard Broome, from NSW Health, said “the smoke here in Sydney is extremely bad today. We are urging people to take this seriously,”he added.
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