Billie Eilish Demands Justice for Rayshard Brooks

Billie Eilish Demands Justice for Rayshard Brooks
Billie Eilish Demands Justice for Rayshard Brooks

Grammy-award winner Billie Eilish has called for justice for Rayshard Brook, the 27-year-old black man who was fatally shot by an Atlanta police officer. Puza Snigdha reports.

Saying how she was “so fucking angry”, the singer discussed her feelings on Instagram following the incident that Brooks was shot and killed in a confrontation with Atlanta police on Friday 12 June. Broke was shot after being found sleeping inside his own car in the drive-through lane of a Wendy’s restaurant.

“watching this video made me so fucking angry. FUCK THIS SHIT. JUSTICE FOR RAYSHARD BROOKS. FUCK THIS SHIIIIIIIIT. #justiceforrayshard !!!! WHY ISNT EVERYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS??”

Billie Eilish shares

The death of Brooks came out when a video released by the Atlanta Police Department shows the moments leading up the arrest and fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks in the Wendy’s drive-thru during the protests of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

The video shows Brooks underwent an alcohol test before being taken into custody by the police officers, but he had failed the tests so he tries to escape with an electroshock gun that he took over from the cops. Then he was shot by his back and was seriously injured. He was taken to the nearest hospital but couldn’t survive.

Writing: “Justice for Rayshard,” Billie’s brother Finneas also supported her.

Billie Eilish previously shared her support for the Black Lives Matter movement in an impassioned post on social media. She said: “If all lives matter, why are black people killed for just being black?”