Arkanas Organizing First “Socially Distant” Concert


A venue in Arkansas will next week be the first to host a concert while maintaining the social distance guidelines, making this the first concert in the US since the coronavirus pandemic started.

Travis McCready, Bishop Gunn’s lead vocalist will give an “intimate solo acoustic performance” at Fort Smith’s Temple Live on May 15.

The venue has the capacity to allow 1100 people together but considering the safety factor due to coronavirus and to adhere to the social distance the venue will allow only 229 people this time.

The guests will be required to wear face masks during the event. The venue authorities have taken few more steps to make sure the safety such as:

  • Only 10 people are allowed to use the washroom at a time
  • Food and drinks will be prepackaged
  • Volunteers will be operating a one-way walk system to create the distance.

Fog sprayers will also be used to sanitise the venue before and after the event.

Tickets will be available in “fan pods” of 2-12 seats, each of which will be some six feet apart from the next group. Facemasks will also be available there as well.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that live shows could return to indoor venues from 18 May.

“We are attempting to move past the restrictions that have been necessary during this pandemic, but we must do so in a manner that is based on solid data. I am confident this measured reopening is the best approach that will allow us to enjoy these entertainment venues again. As we cautiously emerge from this difficult time, we will keep an eye on data for any evidence that we are moving too quickly,” said Hutchinson.


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