Anti-racist demonstration Floods London!

Thousands of anti-racist protesters demonstrated across the country at the weekend against Home Secretary Suella Braveman. Home Secretary’s illegal Migration Bill and the racism it feeds.

The protest against racism and bigotry of all kinds were organised by Stand Up Racism (SUTR). Also, Scottish Trades Union Congress (SUTC), drawing support and speakers from across organised labour.

Joremy Corbyn Attending the mass rally against anti-racism

Protest in London

In London, 12000 protesters marched on Downing Street, taking their clear message that “No human being is illegal”. The Toriesdrive forward controversial legislation that will leave refugees who have traveled to this country by “irregular” routes. They have been automatically ineligible to claim asylum. Attending the rally in London, planning officer Mark Daly said: “The government is trying to make these people illegal. We cannot classify people as illegal, it’s a racist policy from a racist government.”

Mass anti-racism demonstrations flood London

What can be Done?

The UNHCR says the proposed law “would amount to an asylum ban — extinguishing the right to seek refugee protection in the United Kingdom for those who arrive irregularly, no matter how compelling their claim may be.” One London protesters said, “It’s not a solution to incarcerate them in this country or remove them to Rwanda. The only way is the human way — safe routes!”

Why is government suffering?

The government is not only coming under attack for its attitude towards refugees coming to Britain, but is facing renewed scrutiny of the way refugees are treated when they are here. Tensions have been similarly heightened by the PA in Erskine in recent weeks, fought by the local Paisley and District Trades Council, with information and solidarity.

Anti-racist demonstration Floods London

In Glasgow, STUC general secretary said that: “Let’s never forget, that when working-class people, unions, anti-racist campaigners get organized, and unite in our demands, we can beat racism both on our streets and in the very heart of the UK government.”

Racism is one of the heinous crimes that can be committed which one can commit. Marx said, “the classes and the races, too weak to master the new conditions of life, must give way. They must perish in the revolutionary holocaust”. The people are suffering from this holocaust. WhatsOn stands against racism!

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