King's Mouth

Artist > The Flaming Lips
The flaming lips is going to release their 15th studio album ‘King’s Mouth: Music and Songs’ which is set to release on July 19. The album originally released on April 13 on Record Store Day was available in a now sold-out vinyl-only run but now its going digitally via Warner Bros.
The concept album which is about a hero who takes it upon himself to valiantly fight against an oncoming threat to his city, thus becoming a beloved champion. The album has 12 tracks. The album features Mick Jones of the Clash providing narration on several tracks. The band encroaches on meditations about death like the Yoshimi. But in this album they focuses on on how we are remembered and the legacy we leave behind. the Flaming Lips are set to celebrate the anniversary of their seminal album The Soft Bulletin with a UK tour.