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Album Review: ‘Death Of The Party’ by The Magic Gang

Two years ago The Magic Gang released their debut album. With their Beach Boy harmonies, the Brighton band made feel-good songs that made them easily loveable. They’ve returned to the music scene with a brand new album, ‘Death of The Party’. The Magic Gang now has a slightly different sound but is still uplifting and indie. 

The album has a chatty style, it’s easy to listen from the get-go. Their intro track seamlessly blends into ‘Think’, a trick a lot of artists do at the moment to round off their albums.

It’s the title track, ‘Death of The Party,’ quite literally begins as if a party is coming to an end. It’s very tranquil to start but soon picks up. ‘Take Back The Track’ screams disco-meets-indie, a song with a beat that could alleviate any worries with one listen. This is a theme that continues throughout the album, each song is pretty calming. The Magic Gang reflects on issues those in their 20s face in their lyrics whether that be relationships or the future.

‘Fail Better’ takes the chattiness further with the verses in a voice that’s between singing and speaking. This is before ‘(The World) Outside My Door’ brings the album down for the first time before picking up once again. 

The closing track, ‘Out of Mind’, is soft despite it’s jazzy and detached piano notes. The higher-pitched vocals are calming and bring the whole album to a close as if it were the soundtrack to film credits.

Overall, ‘Death of The Party’ is a great successor to The Magic Gang’s self-titled album and the band continues to release feel-good music.

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