A New Documentary On Bob Marley Announced

A new documentary on Bob Marley is announced to arrive in August
A new documentary on Bob Marley is announced to arrive in August

A new documentary series, covering snippets from Marley’s time in Great Britain will be arriving on BBC2 this August. Anika Khan reports.

The documentary series titled, ‘When Bob Marley Came to Britain’ will explore the musical influence Marley had on UK musicians. The one-hour special show will reveal his influence over British politics and his role in reshaping their culture and identity. The UK at that time was in the middle of political unrest and massive social protests. The documentary will also focus on how Marley’s message of ‘One love’ transcended boundaries and helped to unite a generation of Black Youths in Britain.

Bob Marley performing Live in Paris theatre

The documentary film will portray the house he lived in during his time in the UK. It will also revolve around how he spent his leisure times playing football at the Battersea Part and his visits to the UK’s Rastafarian communities and secret gigs in North England. Furthermore, Bob Marley had recorded some of his most successful music albums. We can expect to see the BTS process of Marley in making his music. Marley has also performed some of his most memorable concerts in the UK, clips of which will be shown in the show. It will also include rare unseen footage of Marley and interviews with people who met him when he in the UK.

Bob Marley in England

The film is directed and produced by Stuart Ramsay. Karen Gabay wrote the story of the film. Obaro Ejimiwe will narrate the documentary film. Under Wise Owl Films production, ‘When Bob Marley Came to Britain’ is scheduled to air on BBC 2 this month. The creative director of Wise Owl Films said that “We know that Bob Marley’s music has impacted millions of people’s lives across the planet” but it was time to highlight how he inspired and changed the lives of the people whom he met in the UK. The ones accompanied him on the tour, saw him perform on school halls and people from the Rastafarian communities in North England who have never forgotten their encounter with Marley.

The film will also show Britain changed Bob Marley. Marley lived in Britain during the 1970s and extensively toured around the country, helping to change the culture of Britain along his way. Britain was his second home and it played a huge role in shaping him into a global star.