7 facts: Chinese Culture vs West Culture

7 facts Chinese Culture vs West Culture
7 facts Chinese Culture vs West Culture

Globalization has occurred a great impact all around the globe, and it has changed all the local cultures. Till now it’s been mostly the western culture that has been dominating, perhaps now is the time we look into some other source that could even enrich the social values. In this context, we’ll look into some major Chinese cultural values on the contrary of western.


Etiquettes are more of a lifestyle that reflects the civility of people of a society. Western etiquettes are mostly the opposite of Chinese etiquettes. Westerns eat differently than Chinese, customer care is different, even Chinese people treat their elderly people differently than westerners.


As morning shows the day, likewise greeting shows how much value a culture holds. Western greetings are all about queries about health and wellbeing but Chinese people’s greeting is more about an insight into someone’s life and care. Research shows that care and insight build a society of piety.


In western culture, success is like a crown, which often emits a person towards arrogance. Whereas in Chinese culture take their success more of a responsibility which makes them more modest and spreads humility in the society.


When it comes to Philosophy, western and Chinese are almost opposite. Chinese people hold on to their ancestral philosophy like a religion, their ethics are derived from their philosophy. On the other hand, westerns take philosophy as a tool to analyze and product knowledge, western philosophy is more of a doctrine.


The Chinese culture has always cherished spirituality. They are known for having spiritual practices like meditation and solidarity. But westerners are the people who have taken materialistic values to the utmost level. Chinese culture believes in the welfare of the soul and western culture tends to believe in the welfare of capitalism.

Social Value

Social values vary from place to place but the internet and entertainment have brought foreign social values to our threshold. Western social value emphasizes individualism rather than collectivism. On the other hand, Chinese social values believe in collectivism. Collectivism may interrupt individual freedom to some degree but history shows that collectivism was the first thing that made people more humane.

Work Place Culture

Workplaces have huge differences in western and Chinese cultures if compared. Chinese people work hard and they also put a lot of pressure upon their children from a very early age to make something of their life. Whereas westerners may also have a record of working hard but they prefer to keep their work life-limited and give their children the freedom to pursue whatever they like.