6 April Fool Prank Ideas

6 April Fool Prank Ways
6 April Fool Prank Ways

It’s the first of April, Let’s play a funny prank! So we are here to give you some prank ideas which you can apply today to make some fun and to make people fool.

Find out the silly and funny ideas-

• Hide a funny note into the toilet tissue role so that whenever someone pulls the tissue they will find it funny.
• Replace a toffee with a grape. Remove the toffee from the packet and add something else which has kind of same size and shape. Then give it to someone saying it’s a toffee. It will be really funny.
• If you are at home and passing the time idly then let’s do something with the remote. It can be TV remote, Ac remote or anything. Cover the sensor area with a transparent tape so the remote won’t work. Your target will be surprised what is happening.
• Gather some insect stickers or make your own with piece of paper. Then set those under your target’s lamp’s shade. When your taget lights the lamp, they’ll discover some very suspicious silhouettes inside the shade.
• Set a party popper behind a closed door, so when someone turns the knob to cross the threshold, they’ll find themselves surprised by a loud noise and a mini explosion of confetti.
• Place bubble wrap under the door mat. So when someone steps on the mat there will be funny sounds.


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