5 tips for returning home after flooding

flood safety
Intensifying floods have forced hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis to migrate inland. Photograph: Moniruzzaman Sazal/Climate Visuals Countdown

When returning to a home that’s been flooded after natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, be aware that your house may be contaminated with mold or sewage. That can cause health risks for your family. So, here are the five safety tips for maintaining during returning home after flooding.

Inspect home for structural damage

 Try to reach home at daytime. At first, Inspect the structural elements of your home for damage and if the electric, gas, water, or sewer lines have been compromised, alert the right authorities and stay out of your home until it has been declared safe to enter.

Taking photos of damage documents

Before having your home or property restored, you must take care of the documents that are damaged by taking photos. This will eliminate any possible disputes between you and your insurance company over what was damaged and which repairs have been done.

Keep children safe

Your kids may be tempted to swim in the floodwater but this is very dangerous because of the variety of harmful materials the water may contain. Make sure your children understand that they need to stay out of the water. Keep them safe.

Be careful for animals

 Severe flooding can disrupt the natural environment and cause animals to move around looking for higher ground. You should be alert and watch out for any animals entering your home.

File a damage claim

 Like with any other major property damage, it is important to alert your insurance company immediately. A representative of your insurance provider will evaluate the damage to your home and let you know what type of coverage you can get based on their evaluation.