Saturday report: Psychological Benefits of Attending Online Classes

5 Psychological Benefits of Attending Online Classes
5 Psychological Benefits of Attending Online Classes

Covid-19, an invisible incognito enemy, affected almost all the sectors of the world. The education sector is not an exception in this regard that got deeply shaken by this inconspicuous foe. The students, being a neophyte in age, lie in hugger-mugger regarding their study. Professor Aminul Haque reports on ways to get back to studies during the pandemic.

  • Mental Relaxation: Being confined at home during this pandemic, most of the students are depressed as they are detached from their usual hurly-burly and hanging out. So, online classes give them the platform to be reunited with their buddies and teachers.
  • Quality Time with Family: “…a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.” This Godfather movie quote shows the importance of passing time with family. But the young generation did not get this much time before to stay with the family. So, this pandemic makes this possible.
  • Introverts Get Advantage: The introverts who usually feel shy to question in the classroom, thinking that what others will think or react after the question, are now behaving like extroverts! They are attending classes comfortably in their bedroom or living room and responding in the class with the utmost spontaneity.
  • Free from the Mental Anxiety of Being Late: Beating the traffic jam, when the students try to join the offline classes or exams, they always go through a huge mental pressure of being late. But in online classes, the scenario is quite different.
  • Learning New Technological Tools and Devices: Learning something new is always fun! Attending online classes has already created a platform where the students are becoming handy dealing with the technology and the tools like- google classroom, meet, zoom, etc.

Aminul Haque is an Assistant Professor at Uttara University and WhatsOn columnist.