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5 Fun Things To Do This Bank Holiday!

Looking for something to do to keep entertained this bank holiday? Tara Pilkington has rounded up everything fun that’s going on this weekend!

While a lot of our usual Bank Holiday activities remain off the cards due to the coronavirus lockdown, there are still plenty of things to do that help us stay connected with friends and family during this time.

Here are five things that you could do this bank holiday weekend:

  1. Organise a video-chat pub quiz. We may not be able to visit our local pub garden at the moment, but there’s no reason not to take part in a pub quiz with you and your friends. A great way to stay connected and brush up on your general knowledge while in lockdown.  If you don’t fancy hosting your own, there are plenty online being hosted in aid of charities across the country. This weekend, Peter Capaldi will host a fundraiser for Soho homeless charity House of St Barnabas on Zoom. Click here for more information.
  1. Watch a live concert on YouTube. We may not be able to attend festivals and live shows until 2021, but there are some classic live shows available on YouTube to watch until then. Here is one of our favourites that we recommend:
  1. Try out a new recipe. As all of our meals at the moment are home-cooked, why not use this time to try out something new? Over on Morty & Bob’s Instagram, you can find recipes for delicious sandwiches, and popular baker Matt Adlard has plenty of easy-to-follow and tasty recipes available for you to try.
  1. Practise online meditation. The current times can be quite stressful, so we all need to actively practise mindfulness and give ourselves time each day to work on our mental wellbeing. Over on the MoreYoga YouTube channel, you can teach yourself the basics with the help of their series of short ‘How To’ videos.
  1. Take part in a virtual tour. Now you can explore some of the world’s top locations without needing to leave your living room! We recommend taking a look at the Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery or The British Museum

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