3 TikTok-Famous Makeup Trends


TikTok, the mega-popular social media app is famous for its makeup hacks and ideas. If you are not a TikTok user you can only follow it to get some makeup ideas from it. The TikTok beauty community is the real MVP. And it is also quicker and shorter than youtube videos. As well TikTok is the perfect platform for finding new makeup looks and is popular for its virtual hub for new trends and creative inspiration. Here are the top three popular makeup hacks which make your weekend evening beautiful as well as gorgeous:

Core Nose Highlight


Easy Blendable Blush

Everyone’s favorite makeup product, blush is getting a new hack thanks to TikTok. Liquid and cream blushes can be applied all over the face-like contour and simply blended in for a lifted, rosy look. If you want you can also use your liquid lipstick on it. It’s really fun and popular with all blush lovers. Have a look at the video:


Fox and Puppy Eyeliner

You’ve heard of cat eyeliner, but TikTok is popularizing fox and cat eyeliner. As presented by @daniellemarcan, puppy eyeliner involves a rounded, smoky look, while fox eyeliner is a sharp, lifted wing on both corners of the eye. It’s a perfect choice for an evening party look. It gives you perfect runways look also. Below is the tutorial: