2021 Met Gala packed with young stars

2021 Met Gala packed with young stars
2021 Met Gala packed with young stars

New York’s famous Met Gala has selected a bunch of young and diverse celebrities as the co-chairs of the show. These young stars will appears with the big attraction of new generation stars for the fashion year in America.

This year’s gala will see poets, singers, actors, and tennis stars as co-chairs. These under 30 stars will be the youngest ever co-chairs and be part of US Vogue’s ongoing campaign. There main focus is to attract readers from Generation Z.

In 2019 Vogue announced their editorial mission statement quoted “Vogue Values” with 26 international Vogue editors announced the values of “diversity, responsibility, and respect for individuals, communities and our natural environment”.

Now the coronavirus pandemic, the Black Lives Matter, and the climate crisis pressurized the fashion industry to act more responsibly and become more liberal of diversity.

After the murder of George Floyd, the global anti-racism protests started and fashion brands were maintaining internal cultures on social media refusing diversity.

In June, Wintour decided to recruit black employees at Vouge to overcome their skates publishing images or stories that had been hurtful or intolerant.” She added that: “It can’t be easy being a black employee at Vogue and there are too few of you.”

Meanwhile, Teen Vogue has been made huge tumult after Wintour was involved in the hiring and also firing their editor Alexi McCammond, who had sent historic racist, anti-Asian tweets.

The head of Instagram published that Wintour will serve as an honorary chair for the Met Gala in September with the designer Tom Ford and Adam Mosseri.