Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2020: Writers’ Voices


The Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2020 at Bangla Academy is designed with a festive look for the book readers, writers and publishers. The country’s largest book fair began on February 2 and continues throughout the whole of the month.

Arriving at the book fair we spoke to writers who are working relentlessly to uphold the Bengali language.

Nayeem Chowdhury:

Nayeem-Chowdhury – Writer

As today is not a holiday, the crowds are not so big. But I think we will see more readers in the upcoming days. Every year we all become very excited about the fair thinking about how we will find new books and be able to collect them. As a writer my advice to the younger generation is to ‘make more connection with the books. In that case parents should also be concerned about making reading books a habit of their kids.

Muhammed Zafar Iqbal:

Muhammed Zafar-Iqbal with his Fans
Muhammed Zafar-Iqbal with his Fans

It’s good that so many people have come here because of the book fair. In our country, lots of writers write books only for the book fair. Readers become hungry for new books. It’s really a good achievement of the fair.

Besides this, the book fair is also a get together for readers, writers and publishers.  You can also enjoy the evening participating in the bangla academy cultural programs.

Iqbal Choudhury:


The book fair not only attracts readers but it also creates opportunities and hopes for the writers and publishers. Amar Ekushey Book Fair is considered as one of the most iconic book fairs in the world. Inspired by this fair, many other countries have also started arranging book fairs locally and internationally. This year’s space allocation and design is huge and great. There are special ‘writers’ corners’ here to share your thoughts and promote books. It’s feeling great this year.

> Dipto Paul

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