10 Steps: To Form A Progressive Alliance

Leading think-tank Compass have shared with us their guide to forming a Progressive Alliance, by Remco van der Stoep and Steve Williams. Read in full here.

1 Identify Similarities
It’s obvious to most voters that Britain’s progressives have way more in common than divides them.

2 Key Seats
Work together in places where the vote is tight. At the last election there were more than 60 constituencies where a Tory MP was elected despite the majority of voters backing progressive candidates.

3 Be Selfless
In 2017 local parties and candidates put the national interest before party interest. They stood aside for and/or endorsed a fellow progressive candidate in their constituencies. By doing so, they helped unite the progressive vote in marginals, resulting in many victories over the Tories.

4 Open the Dialogue
It often starts with a simple conversation – coming together as people, not as parties. Focus on shared hopes and fears and discover how much you have in common.

5 Shared Policies
Come together around a set of progressive policies, for example: an ambitious Green New Deal to tackle the Climate Emergency, a proportional voting system, ending austerity and redressing the economic inequalities in our society, social and environmental justice, opposing the Government’s Brexit.

6 Decide a Strategy
You could agree on a single progressive candidate to stand/endorse, or you may find it easier to agree to campaign tactically, with each party’s activists going where their party can make the greatest difference.

7 Equal Alliance
Find a way to reciprocate the sacrifices others are prepared to make. If other candidates stood aside for you, thank them in public, and if you get elected, keep involving the progressives who supported you.

8 Agree a Deal
It’s important to end up with an agreement that is as detailed and explicit as possible – understood by all.

9 Make it Last
There is more to be gained from an alliance than a one-off electoral advantage. It can be the start of a meaningful collaboration, which in turn can help you to build a stronger political base.

10 Change Voting System
Our broken first-past-the-post voting system pits progressives against each other and hard-wires tribal behaviours into politics. If a PA won they could put in place a proportional voting system so voters everywhere can follow their hearts and know that their vote counts.

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